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Direct Mail Return on Investment Calculator

Crunch your numbers to determine what results you need to make your direct mail campaign a huge success.

Is a Direct Mail Campaign right for you?

Direct mail is perfect for getting your message in front of your ideal customers.
It’s tactile and, unlike its digital counterparts, tends to hang about - maximising the opportunity to view.
One of the best bits? Everything can be tracked, measured and refined to give you the best chance of success.
We’ve build this handy calculator to help you project the ROI of your campaign.



Response Cost

Number of Sales

Cost Per Sale

Total Revenue

Total Profit


Net Profit

Adjust the details on the form to try different options. Try increasing the response rate or reducing number of pieces mailed and see what happens to the totals.
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Direct Mail Response Rates

Choosing which response rate to work with is definitely the hardest part and there are so many variables involved.

According to the 2018 DMA Response Rate Report, direct mail response rates come in at 9% to a house list and 5% to a prospect list. The 2017 report showed a response rate of 5.1% to a house list and 2.9% to a prospect list, and the average between 2003 and 2015 was 3.6% to a house list and 1.6% to a prospect list.

House lists comprise people who have already bought or ordered from you.
Prospect lists are your potential customers who are likely to use your services.

The increase over the years is fascinating. I think it's in a large part due to the mailbox being less cluttered and marketers targeting their mailings better due to increased postage costs.