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9 May 2021
What are the benefits of Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct Mail & Digital are match made in heaven Every great marketing strategy uses an omni-channel approach with multiple channels and does not put all efforts into one. Aligning Direct Mail as part of our broader marketing strategy can give you the edge over your competitors.  With current COVID QR codes popularity, you can create […]

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14 April 2021
Stand out with dimensional direct mail. It’s a bit different…

Why be like all your competition and send your DM piece in a boring old white envelope. You’ve only got a small window to catch the eye of your prospect and get them to peruse your offerings. The Josh Cox Experiment was looking to promote the release of his debut album to local radio stations. Sure […]

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8 April 2021
Building your customer database

If you have customers and contacts then you have the beginnings of a great database. In fact, you probably have a wealth of valuable information about your clients that used correctly can bag you more business for your buck. With the help of a great database you can retain business and build customer loyalty, personalise […]

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1 April 2021
Why an increase in postage makes for better marketing opportunities

Poor old New Zealand Post – letter volumes continue to keep falling and even your Grandma is using TikTok, but the cost of transportation, processing and delivering letters just keep going up. The consequences of rising costs means the traditional big mailers, such as the banks / telcos / utility companies, are increasingly switching to […]

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25 March 2021
Some would have you believe mail is dead – How wrong could they be?

The recent move by NZ Post to cut its economy rate international mailing service has caused some sensationalist commentators to proclaim ‘mail is dead!’ However, the smart marketer will realise that, rather than an antiquated art form, mail is now providing a better than ever opportunity to get your message heard. It comes down to potential for creativity and […]

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